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The mymuybueno Cookbook

The mymuybueno Cookbook

Start your day, the mymuybueno way with 160 delicious and healthy refined sugar-free recipes.


Our name is inspired by our love for the beautiful island of Mallorca, where mymuybueno all began. The island inspired Justine’s vision and dream for her business.

The ‘my’ represents Justine’s English roots and it defines the personal touch we offer. The ‘muy bueno’ is Spanish for ‘very good’ in relation to good food. Justine has combined all three words to form ‘mymuybueno’. This unique combination represents what our brand is all about. It demonstrates that only by combining these factors, and having them work in unison, can we truly deliver on our company philosophy and promise of excellent quality with a personal experience.


Founded in 2011, mymuybueno® is the destination brand for luxury food and lifestyle, combining exceptionally high standards with the personal touch in all that we do. We stand by and never compromise on our core values of Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love.

mymuybueno DELI – THEN

From the very start Justine had a clear vision for mymuybueno, seeing it as an umbrella group with many different divisions, all sharing the same core values and ethos in luxury food and lifestyle. mymuybueno Deli was the very first division to open in December 2011. The mymuybueno Deli menu was created around Justine’s versions of her own favourite classics, and definitely favoured those with a sweet tooth. The need for this kind of deli produce came from Justine’s experience as a private chef working on super yachts. Each time she returned to the island of Mallorca, she would search for traditional jams and chutneys and be very disappointed by the lack of good locally made produce on offer, finding only imported jars with tons of preservatives instead. So she set about creating her own, inspired by the Women’s Institute-style classics that she had grown to love as a child, and using local seasonal produce at its best. She started by producing chutneys and conserves – in small batches to retain as much flavour and love as possible in each jar – and then quickly expanded into traditional British classics such as Victoria sponge, sticky toffee pudding, and shortbread, mostly because she loves making and eating these herself, but also because they taste very muy bueno indeed.


In her first year in business, Justine entered two products from our mymuybueno Deli range, Strawberry Conserve and Original Granola, for judging in The Great Taste Awards. These are organised by The Guild Of Fine Food and are the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards. She wanted to confirm that what she had created was indeed very special and hoped that the judges would agree – and they did. Both products won Gold in 2012 and have continued to win over successive years, meaning that mymuybueno Deli is a now seven-time award winner. Both of these products have now been adapted to become vegan and refined sugar free.

mymuybueno DELI – NOW

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in the food industry. Justine was finding that her customers’ tastes were changing, and that those who had allergies or intolerances were making special requests. She initially responded by developing a ‘Made Without’ range, which was so well received that it quickly became more popular than the rest of the menu. During this time Justine also became a mother to two young boys, Seth and Jacob. The effect of two pregnancies heightened her awareness of what was going on inside her own body and what she was putting into it, as well as helping her recognise the importance of what she was putting into her children’s bodies too, particularly refined sugar. Watching its effects on her children pushed her to make her menu refined sugar free, whilst also facing the challenge of keeping her client base happy too. She worked for two years to create the recipes for her new mymuybueno Deli range, which is now not only refined sugar free, but also gluten free, dairy free and egg free, making the whole range completely vegan too.

Justine has created our mymuybueno Deli menu from a chef’s perspective. She is not vegan, but is a huge foodie who eats and loves all ingredients, and this well-developed palate has helped her adapt her recipes. She has created cakes and treats that taste just as delicious as the real thing, if not better, and certainly come without the guilt. Her chief taste-testers are her boys, if they like the new recipes as much as her original goodies, that means they have passed the bar.

Her focus is to break the stereotype of vegan food, to demonstrate that it can taste amazing and also deliver a satisfying sweet fix too. Creating a well-priced menu is also important, so it makes healthy food accessible to all, especially families. Her raw desserts and all her daily bakes will be something Mallorca has never tasted before, and she is very excited to share them with you. Justine is focused on ensuring our core values are present in all that we do, so that your experience when visiting us will be a special one.

Justine and all our team at mymuybueno Deli look forward to welcoming you soon.